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We are Niger-Connect.

We know your market prospects and we know you.


Timing. Frequency. Size. A lot goes into ensuring that your message gets optimum attention and maximum impact. We join you and your team to align the results you want with what can be achieved by using the right tools and expertise to correctly articulate your vision and goals. Often our clients are pleasantly surprised at what can be achieved!


A quick rapid fire campaign or a long drawn out engagement? ‘In your face’ or subtle? By properly analysing your needs, we have the capacity to formulate a strategy that will take you to where you want to be – top of your customer’s mind. Around the fundamentals of the communication message, we build a bespoke solution that will work for you and achieve your goals


‘Turenchi’ is the hausa word adopted by Nigerians for ‘all talk, no results’. That is not the Niger-Connect way. Built into our planning and strategy framework is a system of ensuring you get direct feedback from your campaign on a milestone basis. This means that from the very first, you can measure what is being achieved against projected results and you always can get response from your dedicated Customer Service Lead

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